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Navio® Surgical System for Partial Knee Replacement

Navio HandpieceDo you suffer from knee pain? Does shooting pain, swelling, or stiffness keep you from doing the activities you love? Unfortunately, osteoarthritis of the knee affects thousands of individuals (of all ages) in the greater Phoenix area. With the Navio Surgical System – a new robotic-assisted surgical technology – relief is possible.

Improving upon traditional approaches to partial knee replacement (PKR), Navio features customized surgical plans, accurate robotic-assisted implant placement, and consistent results. Hedley Orthopaedic Institute is proud to be the first physician’s office in the Southwest and the first physician’s office in Arizona to offer Navio, the latest robotic technology for partial knee replacement. 

How does the Navio Surgical System work?

One benefit of choosing Navio is that there is no special preparation or post-operative recovery protocol. The procedure is done without a CT-scan. For patients, the CT-free approach means less time spent in the doctor’s office and lower costs.

During the procedure Dr. Chow is able to use the virtual reconstruction of your knee to create a custom surgical plan just for you. This plan allows Dr. Chow to position your implant as accurately as possible, taking into consideration factors such as your unique bone structure, cartilage wear and condylar shapes.

After creating the plan, Dr. Chow uses the Navio handpiece (pictured above) to sculpt away the bone damaged by osteoarthritis. The artificial joint is then secured into place with assistance from the Navio handpiece, which enforces bone resection to the target surgical plan.

Is Navio right for me?

To have a health care professional at Hedley Orthopaedic Institute contact you about Navio partial knee replacement submit your response to this brief questionnaire. It takes less than 60 seconds to complete!

Currently, this robotic-assisted partial knee replacement surgery is only available in the state of Arizona through Hedley Orthopaedic Institute in Phoenix.

What are the benefits of Navio?

As a partial knee replacement procedure, Navio may offer a number of benefits compared to total knee replacement, including:

  • Less pain1
  • Quicker rehabilitation and recovery2,3
  • Lower risk of complications3
  • Smaller incisions4
  • More natural knee kinematics5

Beyond the benefits of partial knee replacement, Navio goes a few steps further. With Navio…

  • There is no need for a pre-operative CT-scan, saving patients time and money
  • Results are consistent6
  • Implants are placed accurately6
  • A customized surgical plan is developed for each patient.

Navio is one of the latest and most advanced surgical technologies for partial knee replacement. Hedley Orthopaedic Institute is the first physician’s office in the Southwest to offer this state-of-the-art robot-assisted procedure to patients.

Learn More About Navio Partial Knee Replacement In Phoenix

Dr. Jimmy Chow is currently the only surgeon in Arizona performing this advanced robotic-assisted partial knee replacement procedure. To learn more about Navio in Phoenix, contact Hedley Orthopaedic Institute.You can also submit your response to to have a professional from our offices contact you.


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